Information pertaining to the possible cults of Greyhook.

Information pertaining to the possible cults of Greyhook.

Postby The Nameless Fury » Thu May 27, 2010 12:13 am

The professor walks in and sits down at one of the tables. "I am wondering if anybody has any information on the cultist activity. Specifically in relation to the two rituals they attempted at the obelisk. Any information could be helpful things they may have said symbols they wore anything at all could offer insight."
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Re: Information pertaining to the possible cults of Greyhook.

Postby Wolfman2006 » Thu May 27, 2010 12:54 am

Father Sahaal's ears perk at the mention of the word "Cultist". He then immediately drops his pointless conversation with Gregor (something about keeping him from taking off his wig in public) and joins the Professor.

"I believe I was the first one on scene at their arrival. Sadly did not gain very much details. I can attest that there seemed to be at least six present to my knowledge, perhaps more. They stood in specific places circling the Obelisk chanting in some foul tongue, although they stopped and seemed hesitant to continue after noticing my presence. My retainers were gathering assistance, but it seemed to me that they were again hesitant to engage me, even while I was alone. Several of them took motions to attack, but looked to one of their numbers as if for assurance. The supposed leader, then made his own surprise attack, drawing upon dark and unforgivable magicks leaving me trapped, unable to speak thus helpless to their blades."

"I do not wish to draw unnecessary attention to their hesitation, but as you say: who knows what may be of use? Was it that they feared the Church's fiery wrath for striking down a member of the cloth? Was it they simply are very well organized and the individual cultist only acts on orders from his superior? Or even was it that they assumed I had some unseen trick up my sleeve, thus hesitant to spring the potential trap?"

"Any of these possible scenarios implies alot about them: They are smart and have foresight for their actions in the moment. Many cultists I have seen are so stricken of the mind that they do not care for any potential consequences for their actions; good, bad regardless. They do not think about what they are doing. This particular brand of heathen though are not of that sort. Let us consider the various scenarios I mentioned as possibilities."

"If they feared the Church as I suggested: then that shows that they understand that their actions are Evil and fear punishment. Thus also by implication it may be suggested that they are willing in the situation, as opposed to conscripted or forced. That they choose this path.

If perhaps instead they were awaiting orders, that too says that they have a clear cut hierarchy. Thus they are not barbaric heathens chanting in the corner, but cultured and intelligent individuals who know how to operate as a team. Which says alot of their potential as a foe and enemy, should, NO, when we engage them again in the future.

Or lastly they foresaw some treachery, it too suggests that they are calculating and prepared foes. This implies that they too may operate in a manner that all is not as it seems, laying potential traps and or ambushes for us. Generally if one is expecting an unseen threat, that individual is familiar with them. Either from past experiences with such situations, or perhaps even more threatening laying them personally has given them perspective."

"No Professor I did not gain much insight onto their ritual, or blasphemous symbols. In fact I saw very little of them before my life was taken from me. But as the Etymarchy teaches, one can learn alot about a heretic by such little details. And the first step with dealing with heathens is to know their mind; so that one may know your foe and know how to destroy him."
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