A new post on the bulletin board

A new post on the bulletin board

Postby Rhonin » Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:27 pm

For those who were there to see -
*Rhonin enters the Social Club smiling to any who have one to give. He walks over to the bulletin board and tacks a small notice and turns, gives small salutations as he leaves*

The note reads:
- - - - -
Good day!

I've recently discovered that I have some talent with Alchemy. If anyone has any needs or finds components along the way I'd be more than happy to offer my services. I won't ask much of you as long as I can stay fed and you can help me increase my stock so that later when the town has need I can make a batch of whatever we need to combat Nastyness 1 through 10.

I don't really have an entrepreneurial spirit in this endeavor, just a will to help folk who are out here on the frontier like myself. So, any donations are accepted.

You have my kind thanks,
- - - - -
"The minimum or maximum value that separates acceptability from unacceptability."
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