Buying all crafting components

Buying all crafting components

Postby Dmitri » Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:51 pm

*Dmitri walks into the club and drops a big stack of tomes on a nearby table. Rummaging through them for a few moments, he finds what he is looking for: a beaten up piece of parchment. He spends a few moments carefully writing out a message, before tacking it up onto the Bulletin Board. Looking around around to find Landry's mostly empty, he turns abruptly and heads back out into the cold fall air*

*The message reads:*

"Dear friends,

I am looking to purchase crafting components of all types. I have a rather large list of specific components I am seeking, all of which I am ready to pay good silver for. Even if your items are not on my list, I am willing to make an offer on almost anything. I'm also willing to trade components you might not need for ones you do. If you're looking to do some business (without ever standing in line ;) ) come find me, or my associate Fr. Menresa, around town.

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