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An invitation

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:13 pm
by Miss Theodora Godfrey
The rustle of skirts can be heard before the door is opened. Miss Godfrey steps inside and heads directly over to the announcements. She places a small piece of fine paper* in the center of all the other clutter. She then turns, surveys the Club and moves to the most well lit area which is not very far from the studying L.O.R.E. Miss Godfrey sits and takes out a dark green skein of yarn and needles to begin a new project.

*Written in a delicate hand:
The Greyhook Ladies Knitting Circle and Adventurer's Society (with Gentleman's Auxiliary)
Would like to extend their cordial invitation
To an Evening Tea
Saturday, the Eighth of January
At Seven o'clock in the Evening
Hosted at the establishment formerly known as the Falcon's Nest, Greyhook.
Fine teas will be brewed,
Simple fare shall be enjoyed,
And reflections on this past year in Greyhook will be shared.

Please feel free to bring your knitting but leave your weapons and tempers elsewhere.