A salon

A salon

Postby Ettie Byram » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:34 am

*An Invitation is posted in the Tavern.*

Many people in town have heard of or witnessed the return of Haghked Do'Laith last fall. I know there are many questions surrounding this and, while I was struggling personally with just those questions, I find that I completely neglected the rest of town. I apologize for neglecting my duties and responsibilities.

I hope to create a forum over the weekend, when I, and those who follow the God-Machine can try to address your concerns, answer your questions and generally be more available to our fellow denizens of Greyhook.

To this end we will be hosting a salon on Friday evening next near midnight, followed by a gathering with light refreshments where questions can be answered and conversations continued.

I hope you will choose to join us with open minds and hard questions. We strive to become a productive and strong force in the community of Greyhook, for our ultimate goal aligns with all who would seek to delay the coming of the End Times.

High Architect H. Stewart Byram
High Architect H. Stewart Byram

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