Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby The Nameless Fury » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:18 pm

The professor walks into the club looking sore and disheveled. "My friends what we have seen today will change our world. How it effects us will depend on how we choose to treat this new knowledge I seek to come to an understanding and as such have quickly looked over the creation record as given in the book of Phenex. I present the following please understand that I am tired and hope to revise this many times with input from everybody. I implore you to read with an open mind and I beg your help we must understand both what it happening and how it will effect us."He then lays down a paper and goes to get a drink from the bar.

The paper reads:

For our contiued survival and to form a better understanding of the world and our place in it I have taken some moments to take note of creation as written by the book of phenex and how that might have changed.

Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex

1...Yea, for though the heavens are wide, and the seas are deep,
still there is no room large enough, no vault high enough, to
contain the ambition of Humanity. And Humanity walked as all the
other angels did, among the stars and beneath the seas, and in the
person of Phenex. For Phenex was the first among angels, and all
of Humanity is descended from Phenex, who walked among the stars
and beneath the waves.

1. This feels fairly obviouse it states that we walked in the person of Phenex but it seems that was more literal. Walking among the stars is fairly obviouse as well. Though I am unsure about being under the waves.

2...And the Almighty in Glory spake unto ... ness in my stead, and
...learn to hold ... <Original text damaged>

2. Unknown relevence

3...And Phenex brought with him his brothers, Agares, the Hand of
Judgment, and Raum, the Hand of Knowledge. And the three traveled
to the Greater Deeps, and therein the voices of demons called to
Phenex, and enticed him, and drove him mad.

3. There are three ships one of knowledge staffed with scientests who we would see as powerfull in both tecnology and magic. One of judgment filled with what I dont know but it could be an army or government. One that has no name but referes to the other two as hands it could be the body filled with thoes nessisary for survival but not needed to hold land. Or possibly the leaders as it seems the ship Phenex had control over the others. Once more referance to seeming water are had but I am not sure why.

4...And the three Angels came upon the land and found it wicked,
and full of demons and abominations. Phenex, in his madness,
played sweet music, and set Agares to sleep. Raum he cast down
upon a high mountain.

4. The ships came upon Ayos but seeing it inhabited knew that they would have to clear it. The ship of phenex or thoes who have inhabited it are having some sort of issue and put the ship of judgment into some sleep mode. The ship of knowledge was placed on a high mountain possibly to give it a safe place to work possibly as a mistake.

5...And the madness lifted from Phenex, and he saw what he had
wrought, and he wept.

5. Relevance unknown

6...In the depths of his sorrow, Phenex threw himself upon the
land, as he had cast his brother Raum, and was mortally wounded.
6. The ship phenex weather by choice or design crashed into the planet.

7...Seeing the abominations upon the land, Phenex used his
lifeblood and the clay of the land and created Adephon, the first
of Humanity.

7. Phenex using reasorces both from the planet and from the ship becane to create people. This is a technology we have seen before used by the outlanders. Beings with a great deal of science and technology one of whom was recognized by the ship by name perhaps they have found a way to greatly extend there lifespan.

8...And Phenex spake unto Adephon, saying 'Thou art of the blood
of angels, and it is thy task to cleanse this land with the fires
of Heaven, to cleanse it and to make it good.' And Phenex died.

8. The ship who we heard could speak gave an order to clear out the land with fires of heaven possibly a reference to some advanced weaponry. The ship then shutdown.

9...And the Almighty in Glory saw what Phenex had done, and sent a
dream to Adephon. In the dream, Adephon heard a Voice from the
stars, and the voice said, 'You are of the blood of angels, but
you are not an angel. You are imperfect and flawed, the product
of wickedness and madness.'

9. The almighty in glory an unknown entity sent deams to Adephon another thing we have seen before in several townsfolks. This voice made it clear that he was not truly of the western empire but was a mix of this world and that.

10...And Adephon wept to hear.
10. No relevence

11...And the Voice continued, saying 'And yet there is hope, for
thou hast in you the fires of Heaven, and can cleanse the world of
all that is evil. And should thou do this, thou and thine
children should be as the angels, and can come to serve as My
highest of servants, higher than the angels, for thou wilt have
chosen the light and the fire for thine own.'

11.Once more the fire of heaven is mentioned as being able to help the world. We are given an option to be more that the race from the Western empire. We will have taken there tecnology for our own.

If this is true and correct then perhaps thoes of the Western empire are angry that we seek to take there place. Perhaps they needed a working communications array that they might get word to the ship of judgment and awaken it and call it down upon us. Perhaps we helped them.
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Tristan » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:16 am

Tristan looks uncomfortably at the paper.

"Regardless of what we learn, or think we learn, about this, it is perhaps best left unreported to the rest of the world for the time being. I'm not sure the world is ready for this revelation and it would only lead to further difficulties for us now.

"Phenex, I'm not sure I'm ready for this, either."

Tristan steps back, leaving room for other, keener minds.
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Deadbolt » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:15 pm

Deadbolt picked up the page and read it quickly. "I agree with Tristan. These things should be kept quiet till we know more." He read the page again, more thoroughly this time.

"Look here," he says, and points at number four. "It says that Phenex cast Raum down. That implies violence. I would think more that some sort of fight happened between the ships when they got here. Phenex was able to stop Agares before the fight broke out but Raum and Phenex actually started to fight. Phenex defeated Raum, who crashed into a mountain, and Phenex was so destroyed that it was unable to keep itself afloat and eventually fell to earth as well. Five would suggest that there was sorrow after the fight, and I believe 'madness' here is just a skewed sense of 'after the fighting died down.'"

He paused a moment to consider other portions of the document.

"Then if you link those to seven the scientists on Phenex would have to create humans in order to most likely attempt to preserve their technology and rebuild the ship, or ships, as the creatures that already lived here were incapable of fixing the ship. If you want to go out on a limb, though I don't see why not, eight could be saying that before Phenex powered down it informed Adephon what he was. I'm guessing that if my previous suppositions are correct then a fight may have broken out because the people on Phenex wanted to take over Ayos and the others didn't, forcing Phenex to fight them and also why the ship would tell Adephon to 'cleanse the land.'"

Deadbolt stepped back to let another speak.
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby SPADE3 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:56 pm

SPADE sits quietly listening to the dialogue while cleaning his firearm. He holsters it, looks impassively around, then proceeds to sharpen his sword.

"People here have show an inability to maintain calm or keep their mouths closed when given critical information. It won't be me that sends a frantic letter to Aunt Such-And-Such, but word will spread. No, you'll have to assume the news will get out and social upheaval will occur..."

He non-nonchalantly scrapes the whetstone against the steel, which issues a quiet rasp.

"Of course, social upheaval is typically good for business."
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Deadbolt » Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:18 pm

Deadbolt nods at SPADE's statement. "You raise a good point, well, two actually, but the least we can do is our best at spreading the information as little as possible. My largest concern in this matter is Father Sahaal. While he may no longer be in the employ of the Church, he may strive to make them aware of the ship. I'm sure all of us would agree this would be bad; the Church, while their intentions are good, are skewed in their logic and may attempt to seize the ship and label anyone trying to stop them a heretic. This may be part of the waiting game that The Outlander mentioned."
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Anton Ivanovich » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:04 pm

Anton looks up from a table in the corner, pieces of his left arm spread neatly on a piece of cloth.

"I think ultimately the biggest concerns are much smaller and local for us, the world will react as it will and there is nothing we can do about it. For us though we need to study this ship and learn more about it, and what it can tell us. A gun that shoots light like the Dogs would be great..."

"We also need to figure out WHO the Outlander got in touch with, what they may want from us, we also need to make sure no one else was listening in. He may have exposed us terribly with out realizing it and we need to make sure we're ready for a possible attack, I can't even imagine what could be on its way, my concern is they might be still interesting in cleansing the planet and we might be the first target."

"On an optimistic note though... We found Phenex which means we might be able to locate the others. Just think of what we can learn? Maybe I can find a self cleaning arm...."

Anton looks back down to his arm and resumes cleaning.

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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Miss Theodora Godfrey » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:25 pm

Miss Godfrey concentrates on her crocheting. She does not look as if she has slept at all. Her brow is furrowed and she does not look up from her stitching when she says, "The Realm must be The Raum or the remnants of it. Nothing else would seem to have that kind of power. Maybe now we have a way to stop it..." She grows quiet again.
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Marcy Canterbury » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:20 am

::Dr Parker comes in from the porch doorway and sits next to SPADE::

I feel we also need to think about what will happen when other parties find out what's here. They will either want it for themselves, want to study it here in place,...or want to make it go away.

::she shrugs with a deep breath, focusing on SPADE''s sword cleaning::
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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Alan » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:04 am

::Alan pipes up from the dark corner he was lurking in.::

"If my time in this realm has taught me anything, it has shown that Humans are panicky and unreasonable creatures when a pillar of their civilization is shaken. Someone will speak, this you can not control. Someone will panic, and they will have power or influence. There will be blood, and it will be spilled here.

::Tilts his head in thought.::

"I think the Outlanders are the original scientists from the Phenex crash, or at the very least the survivors thereof. If this is the case, then perhaps us Static Automata are the creations of the Outlanders. One could further surmise that based on the green glowing canisters we collected from the junkyard, we have a clearer idea as to what powers us. Perhaps not relevant, but an interesting thought."
"Is that a book?"

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Re: Creation, as Recorded in the Book of Phenex Through new eyes

Postby Galatea » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:24 pm

Galatea is visibly startled by Alan's statement.

"Zero, may I speak with you in private, for a moment?"
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