Posting on the Wall

Posting on the Wall

Postby Wolfman2006 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:12 pm

On the notice board a new letter is posted.

Children of the Adephon and otherwise, my name is Father Sahaal. I am a Priest and Inquisitor in the blessed Church of Phenex. The world we live in is a dark place, and it is ever growing darker. The enemies of humanity multiply in the shadows, and the evils that threaten our survival draw near. The nations of Ayos continue to fight against each other in this terrible conflict. Our leaders are corrupt and would see us burn for their ambitions. As a priest my task is to uphold the teachings of the Almighty and guide his children into the light. My duty as an inquisitor is to protect Phenex’s children, and unveil the evils that threaten them. The Church of Phenex has changed in recent years, it has become something alien to me, something that I can no longer remain a part of. In my inner struggles with the evils of the Church I was given an epiphany worthy of tales of old. As I lay low, corrupted with the seeds of my sins of doubt and despair, I heard a voice: The voice of our divine ancestor Phenex spoke to me.

“Why do you despair my son?” he asked of me. I told him I couldn’t abide by the corruption of the Church, and I feared for the souls of humanity. “The Church has long lost my message, you are right to question them. Humanity was tasked with overcoming their imperfections and weakness in order to earn their way into the Almighty’s blessed kingdom. I tasked my children to bring light into the dark places, and make this world good and pure. The Church no longer recognizes light from dark… but not all of humanity is so forgone is it?” I asked the Divine angel what he would have me do. “The Truth of my words has become lost: Photo Ex Skotos, Light from the Darkness. Your divine task at hand is not to cleanse all of Ayos of perceived evils, but to conquer the most difficult foe of all; yourselves. You are to overcome your own inner darkness and embrace the light. What else could be more worthy of heaven?” Lead them my son, gather my faithful and see to it that my will is followed out.” And with that the heavenly voice was gone.

Children of Adephon, sons and daughters of Phenex, all of humanity. The time has come to delve into your inner selves and come face to face with your very souls. Phenex’s intentions have been made clear, we are to become the beacons of light; the One True Light. Allow yourselves to be reborn, let your holy light flourish and shine all the brighter. Greyhook has long been the epicenter of so much of Ayos’ conflicts, and that is where we are to make our stand. All those faithful and true! Come and join us, the Followers of the One True Light! Here, we shall make our stand against Darkness and strengthen our inner lights, together.

Father Solomon Sahaal, of the One True Light.
The Lord Solomon Sahaal of Loreard, Consort to the Queen
Acolyte of the Scion of Masks
High-Arch-Heretic, The Fallen one
Ex Inquisitor, Former Priest
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