Tavern Night follow-up

Tavern Night follow-up

Postby Cathy » Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:11 pm

Hi! Umm well this is Lexie, for those of you that went to the tavern night and to those of you that didn't it was a lot of fun! Even though there were lots of fun to be had including a fresh newspaper article with funny finger-pointing graverobbing action, the end drove a much more serious tune.

The discussion of getting ready for future confrentations came up. To be sutably prepared for the war we are now in the middle of it has been suggested that it is time to...arm up? I am not really good at this...where is Sahal, Jack and Ivan when ya need them?

Anyway! There was a collection made of the resources that we personally could not use put in a 'town treasurey' if you would. This is how others can get the gear they need to be best prepared. For example because I could not make a VCRS to help townsfolk, Ivan said he would use some from the treasury to make sure I get one. So far there are 6 people that can use a VCRS that does not have one. If you are a doctor or a mechanic you can use a VCRS to bring a townsmember back to life...if you do not have one and weren't already counted at the tavern meeting, please say so here so we can add you to the list so you can be outfitted. Things are only turning worse. I personally gave all my free silver for the project, and others chipped in as well.

I know Ivan was asking about who needed armor but I don't know much about that.

Also, there was a call out to all the crafters that has the ability to craft something that was above and beyond the normal recipes available. Like if you specially researched them. If you weren't at the tavern night and have some of those recipes please also make mention of them here (also with an estimated gold price tag) so others can see if it is viable for outfiting some of town that need them.

To the reason I spoke up: I found out something very interesting during my training with Emily Thatcher and I know I spoke to Ivan about it, however I did get a few points wrong. Which I want to clarify. We have the ability to enhance one of your energies or attributes a notch higher by lowering a different, less used energy, by one. At this point you would become enhanced for the ENTIRE gathering, through all of your rests. We each can only enhance one person per our rests which mean many people may benefit from this. Think about if this is something that would greatly benefit you. You can answer here so a surgery rotation can be made or at least schemed about. Please keep in mind it is a very painful five minute procedure.

Alright...that is it from me! Next!
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Re: Tavern Night follow-up

Postby littlebluefae » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:45 pm

L.O.R.E. knows how to restore Sanity in a Large Way. Would anyone be interested in such a Thing to carry on their Person?
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