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Re: The Etymarchy's Ultimatum

PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:55 pm
by Gregor
*Gregor continues to eat and the only reaction he gives while Alexei speaks is a smile while he chews. After everyone finishes speaking Gregor says speaks to himself but loud enough for others to hear.*

"This is a strange place where promising justice to those who murder others is considered unlawful."

*Gregor is clearly bored since it seems the person he is engaged in a debate with sees threats where they do not exist. Gregor then decides to speak up.*

"Your first example my master was warning anyone not involved to stay away so that innocent people are not caught in the cross fire. The only threat is one to guilty parties which means justice will be served. The second example is not a threat but a fact. My master represents the Church so standing against him is tantamount to standing against the Church. No threat is implied after that since he just stated a question someone might ask them self. The last example he simple cleared up what was said and then gave his own thoughts when he said he was hoping that he wasn't lying."

*As Gregor spoke his voice had no inflection or change.*

"Clearly the uneducated cannot learn or take an objective look at an argument presented in a debate. I guess Pastor Talbot is right, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket if that's the case."

*Gregor continues to eat with a hope that this pointless debate will finally end.*

Re: The Etymarchy's Ultimatum

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:37 am
by Alexei
Gregor, I have made my point. You do not have to agree, there are plenty that already do.

I will take the high road here and not engage you anymore if you are just going to insult me in a poor attempt to goad me into, well, I won't postulate what you intend to get out of me by insulting me.

Congratulations are in order for you though. I have kept an open mind about everyone in town and you have made it very clear for me to formally take a stance and make an opinion on both you and Sahaal. I should thank you for that.

Also, feel free to point out who I have murdered. I make a habit of not engaging in combat unless struck first, unlike other people. I speak with the Constable and Lord Auldway when ever I get the chance to ensure that I am up to date on how the law views such things, you and Sahaal should try it sometime.

Re: The Etymarchy's Ultimatum

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:24 pm
by Gregor
*A look of relief washes over Gregor's face.*

"Back to my meal then! Unless anyone else wants to beat a dead horse?"

Re: The Etymarchy's Ultimatum

PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:27 pm
by Raven
*after a short pause a loud snap echoes around the tavern, the pale woman in a long white dress who had been quietly sitting near the tavern door as if on guard holds in her hands a large wooden stick now broken clean in two where her normal sword and shield accessories would otherwise be, she slowly stands clenching the sticks within both her fists and her eyes level to Gregor a flicker of warmth yet distance within them as her expression remains blank and unassuming*

“Such long words and meanings for one who ACTS…. So simple.”

*her eyes glaze and she seems to daze off just as she finishes speaking, she whispers to herself repeating the word ‘act’ and ‘acts’ to herself over and over again, suddenly her face contorts in pain and she holds her head, the sticks still held firmly in her hands, her hair hiding her face she moans in pain and speaks almost desperately as if rushing*

“Wish I was an act! It will pass you by and you will not see it………. the schism that has been will break like kindling for the fires of war they will-“

*she drops the dry wooden sticks to the ground and lets out a small sharp sob, threw her hair her eyes watering*

“No where to run when the hand basket… burns.”

*she shakes her head sadly and slowly walks out the tavern door*