Volskgradi Justice

Volskgradi Justice

Postby Anton Ivanovich » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:47 pm

Anton comes into Howard’s rubbing the bridge of his nose. He scans the room briefly before finding an unused bench. He sighs before taking a step up, giving himself an even more commanding view of the tavern. The giant mutters to himself before addressing the crowd.

“If I could have everyone’s attention, please. I have some news regarding an announcement I made during our last gather, and I have given some thought to the constructive criticisms that several townsfolk have made. First of all, I would like to thank whoever returned Father Sahaal’s and Baron Peppers’ stolen goods. I hope we can put this issue behind us now, and I would like to consider the issue resolved….”

“Now the good news is because our thief was kind enough to return the stolen goods, I will not have to use the town militia funds to cover the losses the good Baron and Father Sahaal. In addition, because of the criticism I received regarding my reimbursement policy, I will not be using town funds to cover any losses due to theft during militia activities. Law needs to be maintained, however, and just because the thief was town-conscious enough to return the goods this time does not mean they will be kind enough to make the situation right in the future.”

“With this in mind as Militia Commander I am instituting a new policy: From this point onward any proven act of thievery of allies on the battlefield will be treated as aiding our enemy and an act of treason, and I am more than willing to deal with such acts personally. If anyone has any questions regarding this change, I will be more than willing to answer them.”
Anton steps off the bench and waits for the inevitable questions.

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