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Postby Raven » Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:09 am

*Raven wanders in looking more somber than usual or perhaps just distracted and stops on a dime when she sees the people before her and the pictures and plans spread out upon the table, she pauses, gasps and her face lights up with a huge toothy smile and she gleefully frolics to a distant corner of the Tavern frantically searching for something or other, after several bumps, thumps and things getting tossed about she clutches a leather bound book in her right hand and a disheveled quill tightly to her and shuffles quickly over to the table full of Molly’s notes, she gingerly and ever so slightly moves a piece or two of Molly’s things over to claim the tiniest corner of the table space and places the book upon the found space, she then precariously flips threw the book filled with an assortment of scribbled what looks like words and then pictures to a fresh page and starts frantically drawing… or writing? Her face turns to determination as she focusses entirely upon her book, her left hand hiding and clutching her yellow cloak tight about her absentmindedly she sits silently, enthralled*
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