*letter left in the Foundry*

*letter left in the Foundry*

Postby littlebluefae » Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:04 pm

(posted on the Foundry wall)

HeLLo. ThIS NOTE is FrOM LIVing Organism of REPAIRable Estate One One Three Eight

After A VERy hard BATtle left my mind-on-tape in SUCH DISarray in AprIL, Molly MAYweather pieced togETHER (along WITh DOCTOR CorNEILIUS SINclair who PATCHed) what they cOuLD: L.O.R.E. reMEMBERed that I am an Alchemist, Rank 3.

If YOU have NEED of Alchemy, PLEASE leave a NOTE WITh a request HERe and when I reTURN in OCToBER from beiNG DISKORDIA'S traveLING compANION, I shall MAKE what yoU REQUEST. It is the LEAST I can do for the tOWN in this STATe.

- L.O.R.E. 1138
L.O.R.E. (Living Organism of Repairable Estate) 1139
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