NPC 7 Virtues: come fight some heroes!

NPC 7 Virtues: come fight some heroes!

Postby Miss Peri West » Wed May 09, 2012 10:01 am

7 Virtues will be having our second-to-last event on the weekend of May 25-27 at Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA . There are lots of big, epic battles planned, but we are sorely lacking in people to kick our players' tails (oh, hi there, Kimber, Matt, Alex and James! Nothing to see here...).

If you'd like to join us for all or part of the weekend, drop us a line at We do have some RP roles available, but mostly what we need is people to fight! fight! fight!

(plus, you'll get to hang out with a whole bunch of LE people who are already NPCing. And one of our staff makes pancakes for breakfast.)
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