Endgame in two weeks!!

Endgame in two weeks!!

Postby GeorgeWood » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:54 pm

Posted with the kind permission of Lost Eidolons!

The next Endgame Event is August 24th through 26th at Camp Brantwood! There is still time to have roles picked out for you.

As there are 4 more events to complete the campaign, the action is growing more intense, and there is still time to have roles picked out for you for this event, even more so for future events. We also feed our NPCs well and use all the talent we have at our disposal.

History in Endgame Earth is essentially identical to that of the real world, up until May, 2006. During that fateful month, the barriers that kept magic at bay are swept aside, and Earth is invaded by several races of monstrous alien creatures, all hostile to humanity. With the magic, mental arts, and advanced science they brought with them, they swept human defenses aside, killed or enslaved the vast majority of us, and fell to fighting amongst themselves over the ruins of our civilization.

You can find more information about our world and system at www.endgamelarp.com or by emailing to npc at endgamelarp dot com. Let us know if you're coming, and let your friends know that we're seeking NPCs!

Camp Brantwood Mountain Road Greenfield, NH 03047

We currently feature CP exchange with the following games:

*Clockwork Skies*
Mirror, Mirror
The Isles
Lost Eidolons
7 Virtues

Thank you for your time!

George Wood
NPC Coordinator

Posted with the kind permission of Lost Eidolons!
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