Favorite Moments September 2012

Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby littlebluefae » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:45 pm

Guys, this was our second to last LE event!

... :cry:

But from this event came many wonderful memories, including the final Auldway battle, the Elg fight, and I heard there was even an Air Krakken!

What were your favorite moments? :)
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Re: Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby WinifredThackary » Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:02 pm

Air Kraken!

So. Many. Humans.

Conversation with Robespierre, at last.

EPIC fight between Sahaal and Spinderhawk.

The Baker sitting quietly in the dark, waiting.

Molly Mayweather's impression of Solomon Sahaal!

Crowning King MacDevitt.

So many more. I'm going to miss these pcs SO much.
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Re: Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby Petrie » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:53 am

-People's faces as I entered the tavern for the first time as the newly molted queen.
-The epic Sahaal vs Spinderhawk duel; "No! Not the donuts!"
-Hitting Dr. Lizardface with a triple shot of "Death! Death! Death by horror!" and zoidberging away as Jake figured out what to call.
-Being a one man wave battle!
-Volski science
-"Death by ray!"
"Who is this Ray guy, and why is he killing us?"
-Airship pirate mod. Oh my god. That whole thing was full of win.
-The bittersweet growing-up conversation I had with 424.. Again that lullaby made me all sad and stuff.
-Drunken drone.
-Racecar drone.
-Making Bartlett's mage angry by resisting everything he threw at me by virtue of thekdom.
-Lee's reaction every time I went to monster camp to have a baby.
-Someone in monster camp: "I hate bees."
Me, putting my face right into the window: "I heard that!"
-Skye, on a corpse: *nom*
Auldway: OH, look! A ghoul! How disgusting! -DEATH BY RESONANCE!-
Skye: -dead-, -PURGE-, "OW. That didn't go as planned."
-Pretty much everything else.
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Re: Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby Ethan Talbot » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:10 am

My turn!

-The Epic return of Sir Gilliam Stardust (and the subsequent game of keep Baker from breaking his brain)
-Wandering into the dark several times to have Jake tell me bad things (I SWEAR this wasn't planned)
- "Faking Sick" and consequences therein
-The Player and his game!
-Amazing conversations with so many people (Lore, Gilliam, Baker, Dr. Adams, Ms. West, Tristan, Makoto, and oddly enough an entire Hive of Mas
-Watching Raven ruin Master Liu in grand fashion
-Potato time with Robespierre!
-Arts and Crafts by Mama Talbot
-Two person triage with the Baroness, go team!
-Reading the Resonance Ritual and recoiling in Terror at messing up.
-Getting to give Auldway Last Rites, only to be splorched halfway through, having my death cured, and finishing the job!
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Re: Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby Raven » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:05 pm

Thanks to everybody for a really awesome and fun event! It was humid, muggy and even a little rainy but we made it and I for one had a ton of fun!!
Some of this crazy kids favorite moments:

- Jack coaching Raven on what to say “Good thing you told me what to do Jack… I would not have.” A little later “I can’t talk about it for another 48 minutes.” Keeping track of the one hour rather precisely.
- The Rot battle, fighting then getting hopped up on Dr. Sinclair’s super soldier serum fighting some more then battling and killing the rot high priest in an honor dual! Raven may have been driven insane almost instantly upon the killing blow but there is nothing quite like hearing your friends cheer you on! Good times and a top moment personally… also glad I pulled it off! “I am the Champion Wall!”
- Adopting different accents here and there, first Volska then Butcher boy and even learning and finally making a pun to the delight of Anton. “Looks like we’re obel-less.”
- Volskagrad Science!!
- First response team; Raven, Pastor Talbot and Sir Gilliam. Que the Elg onslaught. Also lots and lot of talks from Professor McGregor.
- Molly Mayweather’s parental visit.
- Talks with Dr. Adams about the past and later getting a new sword. 0.o
- Raven’s first shot of vodka and then the stumbling about.
- The revolving door of Maz!
- During the Aldway fight; Random baddy in a fancy coat: “Repel by Fear!”
Raven: “Resist! I’m not afraid of you!”
*random baddy hits leg* “Maim! Maybe you should be.”
Raven: “Purge Maim!” *gets back up* “I’m really not!”
- Vampires in town = Raven angry face.
- The Havoc battle! Having to kill the scientist leader guy since the real Havoc was all sorts of broken.
- Figuring out and just in the nick of time not to trade away Baron Peppers soul.
- Late night Mob Boss fighting! Helping 424 avenge her family even in the pouring rain, epic!
- Spider mod, everybody asking very pointed questions, being there to see Mr. Baker lead the righteous charge against the evil blue spider! Later Mokoto eating him, yuck and awesome!!
Tom later saying: “This is the Fear Factor episode of L.E. earlier there was jumping onto moving airships, now we’re eating spiders.”
- Queen of Swords card from L.O.R.E. :)
- The Aldway fight! Crazy all over the place fighting, getting frenzied by Sophie at triage and then the waiting game of resting. Nothing at the end except a very pissed off, glaring Raven.

And last but not least…. Even though it happened out of game: Jeff and Jana singing the Dr. Sinclair song. Priceless! I am sure there are more moments but this is what I can remember for now. I can’t believe we’re down to the last event! I’m gunna miss this SO much! :'(

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Re: Favorite Moments September 2012

Postby Raven » Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:59 am

Oh and I almost forgot talking with and starting the rumor with Mr. G Sunday morning we're going to rename Greyhook to Kingslayer!
Also having an IG nightmare Saturday morning and getting woken up thinking Old Crow was attacking the town during the day. O.o
Good times!!

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