PCs and NPCs wanted for Isles : Purgatory Station October 19

PCs and NPCs wanted for Isles : Purgatory Station October 19

Postby medievalbooks » Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:46 pm

You are invited to join the Second Campaign in the setting of THE ISLES.

We are seeking NPC’s and PCs May October 19-21
at Ye Olde Commons in Charlton.

Monster camp is heated...plus there are hot (well in summer nice cold!)showers in the tavern

We participate in the Accelerant CP Exchange. Come and PC and NPC with us,
and you can earn credit for your character in many other Accelerant
Games, such as Cottington Woods, Valhalla, Lost Eidolons, Madrigal, EndGame, Isles, Aralis, Mirror, Mirror. If there are new games that aren't listed here in the Accelerant system..please let me know.

If interested, please contact us thru the links below :

Isles Contact E-mails :

Event Registrations : Use the Pre-Reg form in the other thread in this forum. Send it to : event_registration@theisles.org

NPC Registration : NPCPreReg@theisles.org

Character Information : isles.character.updates@gmail.com

Contact the GM : Zhinn@theisles.org

Contact Plot : Plot@theisles.org
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Re: PCs and NPCs wanted for Isles : Purgatory Station October 19

Postby Dr.Elden » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:11 am

For those of you who dont know Isles is a great time. Our very own Jack Graft (Jeff) is one of the staff, and I play a creepy healer. (shocking, I know! but it's an entirely different flavor of creepy, trust me)

Isles is very RP centric and a lot of the player base is equally likely to RP their way out of situatiosn as fight.

Which is not to say there isn't fighting, there's plenty of that too. Much of the player base is veteran larpers, some of whom have been around as long as Larping itself!

So come give Isles a look. You'll be glad you did.

Oh yea, and the food is FANTASTIC.
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