Favorite Moments Finale

Favorite Moments Finale

Postby Sir Gilliam Stardust II » Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:29 am

What were your favorite moments from this last session?

Mine were in no particular order except for maybe the first one:


Going crazy because of the box (I got really deep into the roleplay there. Thankfully the professor pulled me out).

Gilliam: Looks like we're surrounded. Back-to-back?
Zero: Back-to-back (And then we fought together literally back to back and kicked all the ass. Reasons to PC Clockwork Skies and/or Occam's Razor: repeat this amount of awesome)

Talbot's fishy finale (I was present for none of it, but it sounded amazing. Also, by my voice, agony by humor)

Baker's reality saving cookies (We're going to save reality so that we can eat these cookies on Sunday morning!)

The potluck (you are all fantastic chefs. I <3 you all)

The Necropnemonicus (the book bound in human flesh in the box). I was trying to explain how the book effected me (the whole sanity draining thing) without ending up quoting one of the saddest episodes of Adventure Time, mostly because I would either burst out into song, or tears, or both.

Getting to be an academic. I had a blast helping with the book even if I couldn't contribute much to the effort. We cut it really close (this is Greyhook. If we're not cutting it close we're doing something horribly wrong.) but it somehow worked out in the end. Miss West, Professor Fury, Makoto, Mr. Baker, L.O.R.E, Ryker, and any others I might have missed, I really appreciate all you did to get that translated. I'm sorry I could not commit more of it to memory. But I loved getting to work with you in this regard. If I was physically capable of knitting, I'd make you all Tome cozies.

Molly Mayweather's Maiming machine thing that Sahaal gave me. That was amazing. If it weren't for all of the items people helped me with, I would not have been able to keep up. Also, I am never underestimating the power of a good maim ever again.

Defending the pavillion solo. I did not expect to do as well as I did, considering I use a single long sword. Succeeding at holding the point for a while against a bunch of polearms really made my night.

Coming into monster camp from my annihilation and hearing that there is still one sign remaining. Reaching into my pocket, I pull out the last one. Oops. (Dying with the important world saving artifact has happened to me in multiple larps, so this is more of a personal amusement than anything else. Sorry about that.)

Also, even if it was nowhere near as cool as L.O.R.E or Talbot's deaths, I enjoyed my demise (where enjoyed is some type of bittersweet thing that only crazy Cthulhu PCs do). I am curious as to how many people expected me to live. I mean, I just finished my life's goal, I am adorable and heroic and I easily disappear into the night (In the future, fall unconscious louder. I do everything way to quietly. Except for moving in leaves. I really need to work on moving in leaves) In any horror moving picture, I was pretty much a goner.

The Howling Darkness. That was cool. That was really, really, really cool. Oh wow, was that cool. Did I mention that was cool?

Kelg-thsu (or however you spell/pronounce/say it). Seeing that thing approaching was pretty scary.

Team "Sahaal and friends run around and use stealth and murder and crazy plans made up on the spot to save the day" was great. I had so much fun being on it. I would not have changed that for the world. It was an honor serving with you.

Going crazy from the box. Did I mention this already? Too bad, it was awesome.

The morning after. Raven comes running up to me crying and any bitter feelings I had about my death just went away and I was bawling too. Sorry, not crying. Box dust in my eye. Box dust.

Seeing that I was not the only one with box dust problems (tears) was also nice.

A few last puns with my favorite preacher. The most bittersweet words I have ever punned. I am sad we did not form a team of do-gooding jokesters. We would have been the Punishers.

Getting to give a speech. I have never been a big speaking presence like Talbot or Sahaal or Anton or Beckett. It meant a lot to me to be able to say something and thank you all for everything.

Hugs. All the hugs.

Aw, I have more box dust in my eyes. I miss you guys. I just want to say, thank you. Thank you all so much. PCs and NPCs, you have all been wonderful. To the GMs, you ran a fantastic game. I had a blast, and the world of Ayos will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. This was my first boffer larp character, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to be with you folks. You're my crazy, crazy, messed up family. I love you all.
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Re: Favorite Moments Finale

Postby Wolfman2006 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:12 am

Asking/Torturing the Baroness with Dr. Adams about what its like to be from the mean hard streets of Alden (Tea with the Help?! Scandalously short hand fans!)

Jack Graft losing his already fragile mind and thinking he is Tristan Havok... comedy at its finest.

Powerful Roleplay with Pastor Talbot both before the final fight and after. Before we discussed how it had come to this and where we stand at the end of all things, how fate led us to embrace as brothers. I offered him what I could for what we surmised would be his final moments, and was murdered by him Saturday night. Sunday morning the first person I see walking towards the tavern was his spirit, we talked gently and sadly; like the old friends we always should have been and never got to be. I told him my final secret the only thing I had held back, and he encouraged me to do what I had finally learned: live (not for the cause, or a purpose, or any reason other than for myself).

Roleplay with the Baroness Thackery, all of it.

Sahaal's Misfits: The Ragtag team on skirmishing/roaming duty.
Sahaal: Scarred, broken, and has failed at everything he has ever set out to do.
Sir Gilliam: Possibly the most upbeat and ethusiastic individual on Ayos
Tristan Havok: Probably the real one this time
Baker: He summoned 7 demons on the way to the battle, most by accident
Baroness Thackery: Had no weapon...

Sahaal was awestruck at those around him... for a group that had never really worked together as individuals in the past the skillful teamwork and rapid responses was awe inspiring. I can proudly say that everyone of them saved Reality itself at least once personally. Sahaal was filled with immense pride at those at his side like never before.

Fleeing from the now lost Airfield pillar while drained, and everyone around me being cut down. Rene Ropespierre showed up just in time to keep them off of us so we could hobble and limb away; and hearing Cal'Ca'Thu begin to Anihilate Sir Gilliam... knowing full well that I was utterly powerless to save him, screaming in vain for someone to help him and looking around me realizing none of us could even run... lest fight to him in time... giving the order to fall back to the Pavilion while hearing Cal'Ca'Thu destroy a so newly appreciated friend... that will forever be one of Sahaal's greatest regrets; that he never really noticed or appreciated Sir Gilliam until barely an hour before his ultimate demise.

Watching L.O.R.E. make her epic final showdown... that was truly epic.

The Shenanigans and banter of Timmian Bo'Dell (The Scion of Masks) between each other and Cal'Ca'Thu. First the fact that the Scion of Masks was inside the Tavern while (and after) we were warding it against the Ancients. Second when they discovered my dead body and decided to "help" by bringing me to where I was needed, Cal'Cal'Thu asked them where they were taking his sacrifice (he Sacrificed me a moment earlier). The told him I was one of theirs, and he said fine, take me but if he finds me again he is going to Annihilate me. They continue to banter until he realized they were distracting him intentionally and uttered "Oh, I hate you guys...." The two of them then brought me to the pool, arriving just AFTER Cal'Ca'Thu and a swarm of cultists roll everyone there, and I am dropped in the pile of downed players mere feet from Cal'Ca'Thu... So this is the second Patron/Master/God who nearly gets me Annihilated... I am noticing a trend here lol.

The nonstop frantic struggle, fighting large groups of enemies (often by myself), nigh unstoppable monsters, an Ancient one: GODDAMN Cthulhu. Never stopping long enough to truly catch my breath in the last half of the battle, oh I loved ever minute of it.

Seeing Molly's reaction to L.O.R.E.'s demise... watching Taz wander around asking "where is Dimitri?", truly powerful moments and heartbreaking.

I had not given a sermon or preached since the Phenex reveal... I left that sort of thing to Talbot. Looking around at everyone half joyous and half in tears and realizing that with Talbot gone, it needed to be done. Keeping it simple, and ending on a notch of humor; as that was both what the moment called for, and its what Talbot would have wanted.

I have collected alot of titles over the course of the game: Father, Inquisitor, Highpriest of Hubris, Arch-Heretic, The Fallen, I wonder if Ayos is ready for Lord Sahaal?
The Lord Solomon Sahaal of Loreard, Consort to the Queen
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Re: Favorite Moments Finale

Postby Ethan Talbot » Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:03 pm

It's hard to quantify all of the amazing things that I had this event but.. I have to try!

The conversations: ALL OF THEM, with 424, Anton, Gilliam, Raven, Sahaal, Baker, Molly, Yuri, Maz, LORE, and everyone else who stopped by for a heart to heart one last time.

Momma Talbot and the art galley: Mods that make you go... Buhhh *shiver*

Making the decision to drink the water, and knowing I would never be the same.

All of the devices: Anytime Talbot can swing double paralyze by resonance you KNOW it's cool!

Losing the Dynamite girl: Thinking back to when we first met the character and the role play then just to see her detonate in front of us, heart wrenching!

Last Rites: All of the opportunities to say those last words...

Getting my Gills: I was so excited to have that happen and all of the angsty moments to follow revealing my issues. Thanks for everyone who was willing to kill me after!

Going Rogue: I want to place in a special thanks to Monster Camp and for dreaming that whole debacle up, getting to turn evil, killing Sahaal -not sorry- my evil speech those in the field heard, and the general despair of fighting my old friends using their closely guarded secrets and feelings to torment them. My Phenex I could not imagine a better end!

"BMG Waste 11 Vitality!" *Ping.* "Oh you little bastard...

My my voice, agony by Humor... Thanks Jake!

The duel with L.o.r.e. Watching her POUR 8 coal into me as i'm distracted by Mas only to have her topple over me delivering not only the final blow, but CREATING A FUNERAL PYRE JUST TO END ME WHILE SWEET ROBOT TEARS FLOWED I COULD NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING BETTER.

Sahaal's speech at the end, very Talbot-esque, I like it


Coming out as a spirit on Sunday morning, with a hideous amount of box dust saying my final goodbyes to those close to me, I always tear up in the final event.

I want to let you all know that this game has been without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences I could imagine. I've met so many amazing people in and out of game, new friends, and had the opportunity to be a character that could speak a million times better than I can.

I look forward to seeing where we all end up in the coming months for games, but they will never be LE...
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Re: Favorite Moments Finale

Postby Molly Mayweather » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:29 pm

Remembering these all out of order!

"Talbot, are you going to end up in the lake? Because I would visit your lake."

Elden: You know, Molly, meeting your parents explains a lot about you.
Molly: What's THAT supposed to mean?!

LORE and Molly meet up alone mid-battle and fight down a zombie.
LORE: [in a breaking voice] I lost Sinclair.
Molly: [inhales sharply] How did we lose him?
LORE: By the pool.
Running on adrenaline and denial the rest of the night.

The world was saved, and Molly moves with the people back to the tavern. Finally the thought sinks in for Molly, "But I've lost mine." Hearing her name, seeing Sinclair waiting there, and practically screaming, "Oh my word, are you really alive?!"

After running off after Sahaal, a kind out of game moment where Lee, Steve, and another NPC whose name I don't know helped me out of a pile of brambles I got myself tangled and trapped in, then offering me a head start.

Quickly getting knocked down after that and having the monsters carrying me around saying, "Talbot wants this one." Teeeeerrifying. Alex's Scion guy (not sure which was which as Molly had zero interaction with them) somehow taking my unconscious body off their hands, talking about trading me for their priest. Waking up in his arms, seeing the warm light of the tavern, and running for my freakin life. I think I'm safe in there, and Alex walks in. All I can do is cower in the corner and whine, "Pleeeeease leave me alone!" He says, "What! You acted so beautifully! Grant defense: Shield by lies," and walks off. Standing there for like two minutes wondering what the heck just happened.

Talking to an obviously aggravated Sahaal about how people's decisions that "should only effect them" effect everybody else.

Getting rid of Discordia, hooray!

Molly: Professor, in light of the world possibly ending tonight, I won't harass you so bad this morning.
Professor: [somewhat sarcastically] Thank you, Molly. I appreciate that.
Molly: Well, I appreciate that you have been a good sport and verbal sparring partner.
Professor: [somewhat taken aback]

Believing so many times during the last battle that the few people I was with was what was left of the town. And so many times while lying on the ground that I was what was left of the town.

All the comfort members of town tried to give Molly while she was clutching L.O.R.E.'s head in tears and/or cried along with her. Coming to a realization, calming down, raising her head with jaw set, forcefully wiping away the tears, and saying in a rough voice, "How much of this do we have left?" Deadbolt and Molly planning to look for salvage the next morning at the center of town.

Explaining to Makoto about Molly beating up kids in the streets of Elenzio.

Watching Molly's inventions save lives!

The sad scene as Talbot drank the water.

Standing around trying to decide what to do with Talbot's mom, one by one people walking away to leave her for "tomorrow". Molly and Baker being flabbergasted at this. 424 calling, "Molly, come," and Molly giving her the dirtiest look on the planet before stomping back to town. Giving 424 another really dirty look when more of Mama Talbot's creations were brought to town. (OOG love to Kimber on that one. lol) Dr. Adams yelling down from the porch for Molly to get out of danger and shouting back, "But this is my fault, Dr. Adams!"

Someone yelling, "Molly, behind you!" Turning around to have the cthulhu beastie yelling, "Boooooooo!" [Sounds cheesy as I say it now, but I probably flipped about ten tables in panic and surprise.] Shrieking and running away right into some undead, backpedalling, and hearing from behind me, "If you are trying to get away, maybe you should stop backing into me..."

Sinclair, promising not to do anything stupid.

And also that double proposal to Emily & Molly. lol

Talking to Jack after his "procedure", being completely unfazed and just generally curious about this "new him".

Before Jack Graft left to be Count Ravendark, him hugging Zero and saying, "I know you're still in there."

Molly: [in the middle of combat] Raven! Do you have a VCRS in your armor?
Raven: Nope!
Molly: ... Come here.

Coming back from the mod where we were "debugging" the entropic thinger device to L.O.R.E. and Sinclair, worriedly asking, "Are you a drone now?"
Molly: ... What?
L.O.R.E.: You just walked off with all of the machinists and were gone for a long time!
Sinclair : Did they do anything to you?
Molly: ... [bursts out laughing]

Agony by Humor? More like Agony by Heartbreak!

Spitting out Faith hits while getting backpacked by Sinclair, awesooome. Once or twice teaming up against a smaller monster together. Hooray, teamwork!

Beating the crap out of John screaming, "Destroy device!" every time Anton frenzied at me with his power armor on. This happened multiple times.

Ezra the Madness thing dancing around with Delilah and Phineas' face.

Molly: Jaaaack... Why did you just say you're an army of yourself?
Jack: [blink, blink] Because I'm Tristan Havoc.
Molly: [facepalm]

Realizing during that last fight that I can actually block really, really well with that heavy, oversized wrench.

Sahaal's speech at the end of the night, toasting the fallen.

Talking to our dead friends Sunday morning.

And also, getting to the end of the game having never been to the Outlander! *high fives with Skye* Maybe the joke that the universe was protecting Molly was true. But probably not.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who made this such a deep, terrifying, heart-wrenching, and fun game from plot staff to "random" NPCs to the PCs themselves. We had the perfect storm of people and plot with hefty amounts of dedication on all sides to create this world. I've been really lucky to become very good friends with some of you out of game and hope to continue having you in my life! See you in the next game. :)

love and cookies,
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