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Re: Tell your secrets!

Postby Raven » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:48 pm

Raven really didn’t have any secrets in the end. She had a sad story which is why she didn’t go around blabbing it much but in short here are if not a few secrets maybe something not everybody knew.

- Some of Raven’s first memories were of her mother being tortured by Old Crow and he forced Raven to drink her blood thus killing her. Technically Raven killed both of her parents.

- Raven spent her childhood and probably most of her teenage years locked in the cellar of an Aldian orphanage where she was abused and left alone for days on end. Here is where she found out she was a Dreamer but she was also driven mad and became Mentally Instable. She made up something to talk too which she called the Darkness and what later Yatch took her to alone where it tried to talk her into becoming a vampire. She refused. Because of her time spent in captivity Raven never fully understood the passage of time and honestly didn’t know how old she was (until Molly shared her age and birthday :) ).

- Raven always blamed herself for the Professor losing his name and family because he saved her from a group of cultists at his school who were going to sacrifice her.

- Raven came into game with a very round about life spell which could only be performed at night, when she was fed and only if the person suffered from a “death by (insert carrier here)” and nothing else.

- Raven stopped drinking human blood after Old Crow told her she should the first year in Greyhook. Because of this she chose to be insane. I decided to role play that Raven was more sane at night or when fed but after a lot of therapy all these years with the Professor he was one of the only reasons she was much more lucid in the end. Unlike Sparrow Raven was never proud of what she was.

- Raven was given the “Tattered Baby,” well really it was the Child of Mercy; the Whistling Kee by the Tattered King the same event Agnes-1 came out and the Zon cultists had to eat a baby. Raven fed it her blood every day and sang nursery rhymes to it but it was kept hidden because if taken by one who wasn’t Tattered it would waste sanity and fly away. Raven carried it on her back under the yellow cloak into the last battle. Also that Tattered Silver sword was purely for murdering vampires, it swung 5 damage to them and could perm them and she ended game with it!

- The adventures of town suffered from amnesia for a few months in-between gathers that one time because the Professor experimented on Raven with one of those Eldrich glowing crystals found in mines and a device found on an archeology adventure that looked strangely similar to a back massager. The effect made us loose our memories but rest assured it was for science!!

- The Professor and Raven picked and ate Dream Tree Fruit from the Dream Tree thus rendering Raven silent at the beginning of the event and the Professor with bone spikes for hands. More science!

- The Professor was the High Priest of Intimmion Boudell, Raven and various others also his followers. Raven was also Tattered Royalty but never got involved with any of the other cults.

- Raven was never Hunted or Wanted despite popular belief.

So maybe we did have a couple "secrets," good times!!

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Re: Tell your secrets!

Postby Project 424 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:53 pm

Hrm... 424 didn't really have any secrets.

Oddly enough, coming to Greyhook made her even more lawful than before. With all the murder and mayhem that some townsfolk were committing, she felt it fell to her to be even more of an example than usual.
Time will tell.
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Re: Tell your secrets!

Postby Wolfman2006 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:43 pm

Once upon a time Father Sahaal had lots of secrets... but as the game wore on most of them became obsolete or irrelevant.

Some of the ones people may not have known.

Why did Baron Peppers work for Sahaal? And more importantly why did he take Sahaal's crap when he would kill someone else for even a slight jest? Baron Vespero Peppers was not actually nobility. His grandmother (on his father's side) was a thief and crime lord who lied/tricked her way into the Elenzian noble houses. Sahaal found out and was blackmailing him into service. All those times Baron Peppers said he wanted in if anyone tried to take Sahaal out... he meant it. He also went by the alias "Pockets" who was responsible for alot of criminal activity of various types in Greyhook (Dorr slave trade, kidnapping of Miners for the sale of their souls to the Plague Doctor, various hits on PCs who annoyed him).

Sahaal the masked deceiver and seeker of truth, plagued with both great and terrible fortune... was an acolyte of Intimmion Boudell. Not always knowingly or willingly, but as the Scion of Masks himself put it "You have always been on of mine".

Pretty much every time Sahaal yelled, or got hot headed, was all show. He played up the role of "the big bad antagonist" and tried his best to show people what they wanted to see, and what they expected to see. It was actually a very rare occasion that the passion he showed was real. Alot of his rivalries, enemies, behaviors were all just part of "the game" and he was just playing his part. Albiet it became more and more common towards the end of the campaign, when the nature of "the game" changed as did Sahaal's role.

Sahaal the cruel merciless inquisitor never actually tortured a single person, ever. He has chains and torture tools/equipment in the Church cells, and well over a dozen people have awoken chained to the wall while Sahaal played with a scalpel in front of them, yet he never touched a single one. He always let them THINK he would torture them, and play mind games with them until they gave up the information/cooperation he wanted willingly. Every single person he interrogated left unharmed and by their own volition. His Interrogator motto: "There is nothing as horrific as your own imagination, let them do all the work for you"

Both of the Murderbots (They both worked for Sahaal, even while accepting contracts to assassinate him) were upgraded to be grounded. Thus the lightning carrier would not bother them.... just in case Sahaal ever decided to kill the Machine Baby.

Sahaal whom at one point nearly every faction in the game had tried to him or marked him out for assassination; was not Hunted or Wanted. In fact he only had 1 Twist Point... Patron.
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