Game Plugs

Game Plugs

Postby Jacob » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:36 am

Right, so given our skedaddling we missed out on standard cross pollination procedure. This ONE time, you guys are encouraged to post in this thread under Notices (which is usually meant to be reserved for Staff News Posts) about any games you plug for. Go Go Gadget Community Relations!
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Re: Game Plugs

Postby bchallies82 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:10 am

Reposting my Thank You from the OOG section, minus the Thank You bits. Thanks to Jacob for allowing us to Plug here.

Hey guys,

My name is Brandon. I met many of you, mostly as Ulysses, the Resurrected Bodyguard with the staple face. I'm also a Plot head at Requiem, another Mass Larp. Many of our players have come to NPC Lost Eidolons and I'm old friends with Mr. Doom from our very early Larp days. and they all highly recommended LE, with good reason.

Lost Eidolons at any given time had something around 20 NPCs, that may be a high count, but I know around 8 or so Requiem players were there at any given time. If our Larp, Requiem, suffers from one thing it's bad lack of NPCs. We've run events with 3-5 NPCs, and we've had a few with up near 10. We also have a Staff of 4 plot members and a player base of 40ish. I realize many of you play other Accelerant games and so don't need to earn credit at other Larps, but Requiem could really use your help. So many of you are excellent and fair fighters and RPers, PC and NPC alike, and I would love to have you helping at Requiem in any capacity you would enjoy.

We have a new bonus this year, if a PC brings an NPC, they get $10 off their event. This can stack, so if your friend PCs our game, and brings 5 friends, thats $50 off an event. I also personally enjoy working with NPCs to give out roles they would prefer, whether it be more combat or more RP.
We have learned a lot in our 2 years running so far, and it might be pleasantly different from what you might have heard.

If you have any questions you can me at plot@requiemlarp, (and PS, we are NOT Realm of Requiem, I realize the possibility of mistake there)

Brandon (BC)
AKA Ulysses the Resurrected Staple Guy
Ulysses - Bodyguard for the Professor

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Re: Game Plugs

Postby littlebluefae » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:39 pm

The Realms of Wonder (a different system) is hosting an event that involves Nerf guns against swords and magic-users for the first time, called Rock & Roll on November 12th @ The Citadel in Worcester.

As such, if there are any female or male NPCs who know how to use them and don't mind shooting people, please contact me or DR1N (PM). Females get speaking roles along with shooting, btw. Dudes just get to shoot.

In return, as Realms does not have a CP exchange program (maybe one day), I can offer you either sweet treats as a thank you with gas money ($5), or if you're interested in trying Realms in December there is a giant, open party for two days that Harald (Ye Olde Commons owner) and Matthew Brenner (Realms of Wonder; Blood Sweat & Dice game blogger) hold for Yule every year that I can get you into to say thanks for free. That style tends to be medieval fantasy, but we slowly been drawing some steam-punk characters as well as we move forward in time. :)

Thank you again!
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Re: Game Plugs

Postby Taz » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:22 pm

The first round of sign ups for Intercon L are tomorrow!

Intercon L is running March 2-4 in Chelmsford, MA. It's an all LARPing convention with tons of theater style LARPs (and occasionally, we get a boffer.) If you're registered, you can sign up for your first choice tomorrow at 7pm, your second a week after that, and as many as you want the week after that.

There's also a Pre-con event, where people run tons of interesting panels about LARPing Thursday night and Friday morning.

I go every year, it's a ton of fun.
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Re: Game Plugs

Postby Makoto » Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:29 pm

Hey guys, next year I am staffing a renaissance based game called Fables of Fenorra: Shadow of Maliask. This is a sequel game to a previous larp that ran for 5 years before the game ended its story arch. We run under a variant of the NERO 9th edition rules, which we have tweaked to be more fun for everyone and to fit with the mood of the game. We are looking for NPCs and PCs, as this will be our first event with this game.

Set in a dystopian future, where mankind has gone almost back to the dark ages, vampyres rule the world, except for a few tiny pockets of resistance. Many races fill this world of magic and newly emerging technology. Be a fanciful Aurae, or the crystalline Dremair. You can even be a big brutish Gargoyle, or the tribal Lycanthrope. The new world is just beginning and you can be a part of that, shaping the world with your decisions and interactions. Make your own story and become one of the Fables of Fenorra.

This game is part of NERO Boston, and such is part of the exchange system between Accelerant Games and NERO. If you NPC NERO you could get tasty tasty CP for either your LE characters or any other game that participates. And vice versa, if you want to PC our games, and you staff or NPC an Accelerant game, you will earn Build Points for your character in Fables.

Come join our story!
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