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Cabin Assignments: April 2012

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:31 am
by Jacob
Below are the cabin assignments for the upcoming event.

BSI Offices
Brian B.
Marcy C.
Cathy S.
David D.
Greg A.

Mrs. Whately's Boarding House
James L.
David K.
Erica P.
Brian R.
Adina S.

The Hotel Marner
Skye D.
Coco W.
John W.
Lizz S.
Jackie W.
Jonathen P.
Tucker L.
Chris R.

Carter's Guest House
Tom Sp.

Church Cells
Zach B.
Adam H.

Scutter's Flophouse
Greg C.
Gian C.
John M.
Tom Se.
Lisa C.

The Shunned House
Ally B.
Pat C.
Mark D.

Ms. C.D. Ward's Home for Travelers
Kimber B.
Gabby K.
Treska C.
Jeff F.